The Tripwire Approach


Step One - Situational Awareness

Every incident can mean something

Intelligence is key

Workplace violence is not just the violent Incident, it is also the actions leading up to it

Routine Analysis

Step Two - Own the Threat

Crisis Manager

Know your Resources


Environmental Awareness

Know your Crisis Partners

Step Three - Preparedness

Risk = Threat X Vulnerability X Impact

Threat Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment


Risk Analysis

Step Four - Security as a Culture

Security is everyone's responsibility

Review and Reinforce

Train and Commit

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Our commitment

TSS will provide your business with a Security Audit, expert Crisis Management training and Threat Assessment services for a two-year period. This contract includes TSS consultation and advice on pending issues or threats to your business; four Table Top Exercises (2 per year); Routine strategic intelligence updates on trending threats in workplace violence; and analysis and review of the TRAP Data Base customized for issues impacting your business.  

We protect you

Owning The Threat

The antelope at the watering hole does not assume the lion that shows up is friendly.

Crisis Management

Fifty percent of sexual assaults on college campuses happen within the first three months of school.

The Right Experience

Certified Crisis Managers, Experts in Violent Crimes, Crimes Against Children, and Threat Assessments.